What accessory would you/they like best as a gift?

The relationship between jewelry and love is important, meaningful and underappreciated. It should be more widely understood. The most important aspect of jewelry is that it is an ornament: it is meant to be worn, not stored. This is obvious on a superficial level, but it is also the key to the jewelry's deeper meaning. Every part of the desire to give jewelry derives from it actually being worn.

Jewelry has a special role because it is an item of purely aesthetic, not utilitarian, value: a proclamation that needs are surpassed. And in contrast to other things of aesthetic value (e.g. a painting), jewelry's purpose is specifically to adorn the person who wears it. A gift of jewelry is a luxury focused completely on the receiver.

Created by: Silver of Mysilvercity Blog
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What area is it most important to emphasize?
  2. What is your ideal for a Saturday night?
  3. What is your favorite material?
  4. You prefer your jewelry...
  5. What is more important?
  6. When it comes to saturation of the piece...
  7. You use jewelry
  8. Who is giving the present?
  9. Who is your favorite character from Sex and the City?
  10. What do you wear for a night out downtown?

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