Is Your Style Chic or Sophisticated?

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Your style says a lot about you. Everyone has their own style but most of us aim for a more "chic" style or "sophisticated" style, depending on what type of individual we are. Chic is simple yet classy, and helps to bring out one's personality. Sophistication is also simple, but classy at the same time. Putting together a sophisticated ensemble takes more work than it seems.

Have you ever wondered which category you fit into? Is your style "chic" or "sophisticated"? Find out what YOUR style niche is now by taking this quiz TODAY!

Created by: CeCe

  1. On a nice day, would you rather wear heels or flats to run errands?
  2. Would you prefer to wear lip gloss or lipstick on a date?
  3. You're about to go on a shopping trip with your girlfriend. Which of the following would you grab?
  4. You just won a prize that includes one free ticket for front row seats at an upcoming fashion show. Would you go?
  5. You're given a blue blouse, grey trousers, and a red cuff bracelet and told to put together an outfit:
  6. I base my outfits off of:
  7. A group of friends want to meet up for an unexpected dinner in 2 hours:
  8. Bangles or a single bracelet?
  9. You're going to the mall because:
  10. You're waiting at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. while you sit and wait:

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Quiz topic: Is my Style Chic or Sophisticated?