What's Your Flexi Style?

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Are you classy or low-key? Are you a trend setter or tried and true? You might not know your deep inner style that's just waiting to come out. Take this quiz and learn all about your inner Flexi style!

Answer each of the questions below as to your preferences. For the purposes of this quiz: imagine that you are at your ideal weight without lifestyle constraints (children, job...)

Created by: Sassy Kass

  1. If you were to peek in my closet you would mostly find:
  2. My favorite prints and fabrics are:
  3. My favorite pieces of jewelry are:
  4. When applying makeup I like:
  5. I mostly like to wear my hair:
  6. I typically spend:
  7. My choice for an up-do would be:
  8. My ideal vacation would be:
  9. Ideally a typical weekend includes:
  10. Select your FAVORITE evening shoe below:
  11. What do you like most about your hair?

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Quiz topic: What's my Flexi Style?