What Hollywood Style Are You???

There are many people who think they know their style, but do you really? Do you know YOUR hollywood style? Take a look at a different perspective of yourself besides the usual punk, preppy, and jock.

What is YOUR hollywood style? Take a look at this quiz and answer the following questions to find out which celebrity to watch for fashion, and who to not!

Created by: noneyabizness
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  1. Who's Style Do You Prefer Out Of The Following?
  2. What Music Video Suits Your Style The Most?
  3. What do you think when you read the words Juicy Couture?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. What do you think of the color combonation black and white?
  6. What Store Would You Most Likely Be Caught At?
  7. How Do You Say Hello?
  8. What State Do You Think Suits You The Most?
  9. What accesorie would you mot likely wear?
  10. Pick A Number.

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Quiz topic: What Hollywood Style am I???