Who's your HOLLYWOOD hunk?!

Now there are many hunky hollywood guys out there - ooh lets say, christopher walken?! Morgan Freeman? Anthony hopkins? joe pesci?the list is endless! With hollywoods team of hunks who could possibly resist their charm? you?

so who's YOUR hollywood hunk? Do you have what it takes to fish out one of the "goodfellas" ? maybe you like some "action" in a guy? has a guy gotta have his own plane to impress you? Or maybe you're looking for one of the "little" people? lets find out!

Created by: Ashums

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  1. Does size matter to you?!
  2. Guys gotta have great skin, right?!
  3. Is hair an important thing in a guy?!
  4. So he's carrying a little weight - do you care?
  5. Does a guy have to have a great smile?
  6. Do you like 'em tall?
  7. Do you like them to be a good boy?!
  8. Nice eyes?
  9. Smartly dressed?
  10. needs to drive a nice car?!

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Quiz topic: Who's my HOLLYWOOD hunk?!