How Sophisticated are you?

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This is a quiz about whether you are sophisticated. Being sophisticated is all about shopping at Stein Mart or TJ Maxx and having the best of all things. Please do not take quiz seriously.

Are you sophisticated? Take this quiz to find out Ms. Prestigious. This is a fun quiz that should not be taken seriously. Please give me comments on what you think.

Created by: lol_cool

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  1. Do you admire the Stephen Joseph backpacks for kids?
  2. Do you like items that have been monogrammed?
  3. Would you give your son or daughter last names as a first name like Parker, Reagan, or Jackson?
  4. Do you shop at Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Stein Mart?
  5. Do you love shopping at Lillian Vernon, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn online?
  6. Do you speak correct English and do you often have to correct other people's grammar?
  7. Do you think its cute when babies wear rompers and handmade clothes?
  8. Do you love wearing pearls?
  9. Do you love wedding rings that are silver and diamond or gold with diamonds?
  10. Is it your dream to go to a Kentucky Derby?
  11. Is it very important that you have make up on, nails are done, and hair is done?

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