Michelin Restaurant quiz

Michelin is the world's leading restaurant guide, but how well do you know the top restaurants and chefs of the world? This quiz takes you through assorted trivia regarding top Michelin places.

It only takes a few minutes, and you can see whether you are a sophisticated gourmet or someone who probably thinks the food in Harlow is rather good. In this short quiz you can find out where you rank on the gourmet scale.

Created by: Andy Hayler of Andy Hayler's restaurant reviews
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  1. Which 3 star chef was voted "Chef of the Century" by Gault Millau
  2. The Michelin Guide was launched in which year?
  3. How many 3 star Michelin restarants does the UK have in 2007?
  4. Which 3 star chef committed suicide in February 2003? (his restaurant was not downgraded in Michelin, but was in Gault Millau)
  5. Who was the first British-born chef to earn 3 Michelin stars?
  6. The Netherlands gained its fiorst 3 star Michelin restaurant in which year?
  7. How many 3 star Michelin restaurants are there in Paris in 2007?
  8. In which city has Michelin stated that it willl launch its first guide in Asia? (due out November 2007)
  9. Which 2 star Michelin restaurant could only be accessed by boat?
  10. Who was the first woman chef to be awarded 3 Michelin stars?

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