Do you have what it takes to run a restaurant?

There a a lot of awesome restaurants that serve the best food,have the best service,and got great names.But,do you think that you can outdo all of them?This quiz is for you to check out your restaurant handling skills.So if you really think that you are totally able to run a restaurant,than we'll see.

Okay,now here is where I leave you to handle your business all alone.You've already put a down payment on the building,and now it's time to give you this,your tax refund check of $10,000!Good luck,you'll need it.

Created by: Chasingtriece

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  1. How many waiters do you hire?
  2. Your are hiring the assisstant manager.Sharlotte Duncan is a 19 year old college student who has worked voluntarily at a senior home as a cook.She is neat and sensible.She talks properly,and has been a very good cleaner.
  3. PJ Perry comes in as another job asker.He is 22 yrs old and has a sloppy appearance.He has no experience and is very rude by speaking ghetto-ly.
  4. You see bugs but you dont have time to call an exterminator.
  5. Your menu•Breakfast:Waffles and sausages;French toast;Biscuits and scrambled eggs;Toast and jelly;Egg and hash browns;Steak omlet;Grilled ham and cheese sandwich Dlux.
  6. Breakfast:Oatmeal with sugar;Salte grits;Creamy wheat w/bananas;Hot Rice pudding w/bacon bits;Yogurt and granola cereal.Muffin or plain low fat bagels.
  7. Lunch:Grilled cheese;Beef fried ramen noodles;Fish burrito;Chicken tacos;macoroni salad;Fruit salad;Potatoe salad;Chips and dip;Fried potatoes and fishsticks;pizza rolls;Egg rolls.
  8. Lunch:Sweet cooked fish;Vanilla mash potatoes;Beef sandwiches;Chicken wrap;Chicken hearts fried;Fried bananas;Fried peach skins;Wheat crackers and caramel cream cheese.
  9. Dinner:Shrimp fried rice;Egg fu yung;Lasagna;Broccoli casserole;Fried chicken;Steak;Baked chicken breast;Sphagetti;Macoroni;Orange chicken;Grilled vegetables;Pork chops;Baked beans;Split pea soup;Lemon chicken.
  10. Dinner:Frog fried legs;Pig feet;Rattlesnake poppers;Hot dogs;Octopus fries;Shark tail;Fish sticks;Fried oysters;Crab cabbobs.
  11. Dessert:Cheesecake;Mint ice cream;Banana/chocolate pudding;Cupcakes;Cookie cream sandwiches;Browny cups;Apple turnovers;Peach cobbler;Sweet potatoes;Fruit burritos.
  12. Dessert:Orange pudding;Carrot fries and whip cream;Cherry Pan cakes;Cookies;Fig bars;Strawberry pie bars;Klondike bars;Baked apple and peach cookies;Blueberry macoroni;Banana rice pudding;Chocolate fudge/peanut butter bread sandwiches.
  13. Do you allow pets in ?
  14. Drinks:Breakfast-Milk,Hot cocoa,Tea,Coffee;Lunch:Fruit punch,Flavored water,Milk,Olvatine,Fruit smoothies;Dinner:Soda,Shampaign,Sparkling cider,Fruit punch.
  15. Drinks:Breakfast;Chocolate milk,Skim milk,Goat milk,Snake blood ←(this is a real drink),and Buttermilk.Lunch;Pomegranite juice,Orange juice,Mixed fruit juice,Millipede margarita.Dinner;Beer,Wine,Deer broth,Shampaigne,Alcoholic cocoa.

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Quiz topic: Do I have what it takes to run a restaurant?