Which Hand-Bag are you?

What type of Hand-Bag are you? Are you sophisticated, fun, wild, or girlie? What type of pattern do you have? What color are you? What size are you?

How much can you hold? How are you held? All these questions will be answered in your results. But you have to answer them honestly!!!

Created by: xSprinkle
  1. Your general outing with friends includes.....
  2. When it comes to boys you are usually....
  3. Pick the school club that most interest you.
  4. Your idea on fashion is...
  5. Descirbe your friends.(Be honest)
  6. Pick your favorite type of flower.
  7. Where would you most likey take a vacation to?
  8. I'm running our of questions! Will you rate?
  9. Comment?
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Hand-Bag am I?