What's Your Style? (girls)

What is YOUR style?!?! Make sure you are a girl, unless you are a guy that would normally do girlie things like getting their nails done or wearing making. So ya, make sure you are a girl.

Okay, so are you more of a funky and unique girl? What about casual? Classic? Or maybe romantic? Just take this quiz and you will find out! There are only 18 questions and it will seriously only take you like a minute! Have fun...

Created by: aszand_58
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  1. They're doing Grease this summer at camp. You want to:
  2. Time to hit the gym. You wear:
  3. At the mall, you check out the latest clothes worn by:
  4. You would DIE to shop with:
  5. On your bedroom wall, there is a poster of:
  6. In your makeup bag, you've got:
  7. What bedspread sounds more for you?
  8. The last time you got a manicure, it was:
  9. The perfect accessory is:
  10. Which car sounds more appealing?
  11. Which one of the following singers/bands do you like more?
  12. You met your last crush:
  13. When your boyfriend suggests dinner, you pick:
  14. Your boyfriend asks you to the prom! Dress that sounds more appealing is:
  15. Your ideal bag would be:
  16. At the beach you:

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Quiz topic: What's my Style? (girls)