Whats Your German Name? (Recommended for Girls)

Each name in the German culture has a unique meaning, a distinct style to it. Every name has its positives and negatives, just like a person. One name could mean happy, but stupid. One name could mean energetic, but rude.

So, what is your true German name? This quiz will take you through a series of questions that will match you with the perfect German name. This quiz is recommended for girls, but guys are welcome to take the quiz.

Created by: Brigit

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  1. Your favorite color is...
  2. Your best quality is...
  3. Your hair color is...
  4. Your eye color is...
  5. One thing you never leave home without...
  6. Pick a stereotype (does NOT need to be what you are)
  7. Pick an animal:
  8. Final Personal Question: What do you think your German name should be?
  9. Now that you have answered some personal questions, you will need to make split-second decisions. You will be asked to chose between two options.
  10. Red or Black?
  11. Cat or mouse?
  12. Warm or Cool
  13. Text or Talk?
  14. Chinese food or Mexican food?
  15. Walk or Run?
  16. Movie or Romantic Dinner?
  17. Friends or Family?
  18. Vacation or Stay Home?

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Quiz topic: Whats my German Name? (Recommended for Girls)