How German are you?

It has come to my attention that there are quite a few impostors running around calling themselves "German" when they are really nothing of the sort. Even among people from Germany, some are more distinctly German than others. Note: This test is chock full of offensive stereotypes. If you are easily offended, please steer clear.

How German are you? Are you a wannabe German? An honorary German? A true German? Too German for your own good? Grab a beer, crank up the techno music, and take the quiz to find out!

Created by: maiaminna
  1. Air conditioners are:
  2. Would you like a "Gift"?
  3. You are proud of your country:
  4. You iron:
  5. When you think of New Year's Eve, you think of:
  6. Which is the worst name?
  7. A parent implies that his child will be eaten by ravens. This is:
  8. Routine circumcision of infants is:
  9. "Don't mention the war."
  10. Men's underwear should be:
  11. Which of the following would you rather eat?
  12. A product called "Dusch Das" is probably:
  13. You drive:
  14. You walk around naked in front of:
  15. What were your grandparents doing during the war?
  16. You eat your pizza or fries:
  17. People should ride bikes:
  18. Your neighbors have complained about you. This is probably because:

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Quiz topic: How German am I?