Are you a 'kraut'?

Many people state that they're German and/or they know practically everything there is to know about Germany. But are they truly what you could call a 'kraut'?

If you're a German, or are of German descent, try out this quiz to test yourself on German culture. It will estimate just how German you are based on situations and opinions common to a German. Only a true 'kraut' can pull off this quiz.

Created by: RaptorClaw of My YouTube profile
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  1. It's 2AM and you're a pedestrian at an empty intersection. Do you dare jaywalk?
  2. It's your birthday and you are now at the legal drinking age. What is your pint of choice?
  3. You are given the opportunity to drive any vehicle of your choice on the world-reknowned Autobahn. Which is it?
  4. Who is the most hated person according to most German people?
  5. What two German automobile company headquarters rest in Stuttgart?
  6. Which makes you happiest?
  7. How would you say, in a nice restaurant, "Ticket, please!"
  8. Which is the best hockey team in Germany?
  9. What does "Stell lustige Spruch hier" mean?
  10. Out of respect, what do you call the colors of the Bavarian flag?

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Quiz topic: Am I a 'kraut'?