How much do you know about German Shepards

I wrote this quiz because I have a German Shepherd and her name is Koda and she doesn't have the best history with her owners as a puppy and she is not with us anymore she is with another owner so I did this in honor of her.

I also wrote this quiz because I know a lot about German Shepherds and I wanted to see how many people know about as much as me.I learned about German Shepherds from Koda my German Shepherd,and from studying.

Created by: Vania Montoya
  1. What is a German Shepherd's nickname?
  2. What is the rarest color a German Shepherd can come in?
  3. Are German Shepherds good guard/ security dogs?
  4. Are German Shepherds good family dogs?
  5. Are they part of the herding family?
  6. Can they be aggressive?
  7. Are they among the top 10 smartest dogs?
  8. What was the 1st German Shepherd's name?
  9. What size dog are German Shepherds
  10. How much do German Shepherds weigh?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about German Shepards