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Many people don’t know what their personal style is. Result: they usually spend more money than they should because they don’t know what kind of clothes to wear. Sometimes you see something you like, but the next day you decide it doesn’t suit your personality, lifestyle, etc.

Is this your case? Are you tired of wasting money on clothes you won't wear? Are you interested in knowing once and for all what your personal style is and which other styles suit your personality? Take the quiz to find out:

Created by: Emily
  1. How would you describe yourself?
  2. How do you want others to perceive you?
  3. Choose one inspirational fashion quote:
  4. What’s your main concern when buying clothes?
  5. Choose a style icon you identify yourself with:
  6. Which are your favorite colors to wear?
  7. What is your favorite pattern?
  8. What’s your favorite make-up look?
  9. Choose a jacket:
  10. Choose a dress:
  11. Choose a top:
  12. Choose a bottom:
  13. Choose a pair of footwear:
  14. Choose an accessory:
  15. Choose a pair of sunglasses:
  16. Choose a hairstyle:
  17. Take a look at your closet: which clothes do you have repeated the most over the years?
  18. Take a look at your closet: which clothes are your impulsive purchases and why?

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