Out of these 8 fashion styles, which one suits you the most?

Vintage Fashion Style, Bohemian Style, Chic Fashion Style, Artsy Fashion Style, Artsy Fashion Style, Casual Fashion Style, Sophisticated Fashion Style, Tomboy Fashion Style, or Rocker Fashion Style?

Yup! Those are the choices! So, there is eight styles. And you will get a style as a result. Not all the questions are fashion, but they will effect your answer!

Created by: Opal Bernstein

  1. If someone looked in your purse, what would they find?
  2. This won't change anything, but if you were to have every piece of clothing in the world, what would you choose?
  3. Dog or cat?
  4. Vanilla or chocolate?
  5. Favorite Simpson character
  6. Dork diaries or wimpy kid?
  7. Fav play is...
  8. The Simpsons or Dumb and Dumber
  9. Mansion or treehouse
  10. END~

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Quiz topic: Out of these 8 fashion styles, which one suits me the most?