🎀The Fashion Quiz🎀

There are fashion wannabes. Are you a true fashionist? Or are you a wannabe? This FASHION QUIZ by MAGGIE will let you know! Just answer some questions take the advice & fashion takes flight!

Are you a fashion freak? Are you so sheik? Are you fashion belle. Or are you the latest installment of fashion he'll? Take the quiz the FASHION QUIZ by MAGGIE take the advice or lack of too!

Created by: Maggie
  1. First off, how would you describe yourself? {please select the answer most comparable to your personality}.
  2. Okay now, how do your friends and family describe you? {again please choose the answer most comparable to you}.
  3. What is your eye color?
  4. What is your natural lip color?
  5. What is your natural hair color?
  6. What is your natural skin tone?
  7. Okay now, do you have a rough idea on what you weigh?
  8. Do you own a lot of clothes?
  9. Where do you shop for most of your clothes?
  10. Do you own many shoes?
  11. What type of shoes do you wear?
  12. Do you wear makeup?
  13. What make ups brands do you use?
  14. What make ups brands do you use?
  15. Do you receive magazines in the mail.
  16. Do you watch beauty blogs.
  17. Do you wear {or like to wear} nail polish?
  18. What nail polish brands do you use?
  19. Do you use perfume?
  20. What types of perfume?
  21. Every girl or woman owns a purse. What brand is it?
  22. What is in your purse?
  23. Do you keep up on fashion trends.
  24. Do you keep a magazine collection?
  25. Okay the next few questions are going to be a bit different. I'll say a word and you'll say the first things that comes to mind.
  26. Chanel~
  27. Perf~
  28. Empirio~
  29. Okay that's all of that! Do you know type questions are coming up next.
  30. Do you know who Bobbi Brown is?
  31. Do you have a good fashion sense?
  32. Okay well, that's all...
  33. Goodbye! Love ~ Maggie🎀.

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