What is your fashion personality

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Many quizzes similar to this one, stereotype people and end up appearing rude. Every person has a beauty to them. This quiz does not take away from that.

What is your fashion personality? How can you express it better? Take this quiz to get fantastic suggestions on how to make you look amazing. Well? What are you waiting for?

Created by: Lace

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  1. What is a typical weekend for you?
  2. It's a cliche, but necessary question. Favorite color/colors?
  3. Your favorite style of glasses?
  4. Your clothes are typically...?
  5. Musical preferences?
  6. How do you typically fix your hair?
  7. What kind of setting do you live in?
  8. I got all I need, the next three questions have no effect on your result.
  9. Did you like the quiz?
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: What is my fashion personality