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Fashion is a way of life. A style that describes you. Style can shape your personality and who knows! Maybe even get you your dream job! Are you ready to become a fashionista? Take our quiz to find out!

Are you a fashionista? Do you have what it takes to enter the world of style? Does your style shape and/or compliment your way of life? What's your personality in terms of fashion? Find out with this fab quiz and when you're done, visit Forever Fashion, a site created by the creators of this quiz! Have fun!

Created by: Juveria, Tanisha, Jessica
  1. What colour makes you look slim and elegant?
  2. What inspired Kelly Maden to become a fashion designers?
  3. Do the fashion designers choose the material for their designs?
  4. Does the material for the piece of clothing matter for the look of the outfit you are designing?
  5. Should we wear too many accessories at once?
  6. What is the piece of clothing called that is the traditional outfit for Japanese women?
  7. How long does it take for the designer to design an outfit?
  8. What is Kelly Maiden's favourite article of clothing to design?
  9. What do designers mainly do before they design an outfit?
  10. Should you change your foundation every season?
  11. Which belt makes your belly look flat?
  12. WHat was Kelly Madden's first ever design?
  13. If your hips aren't slim, what type of jeans is the best for you?
  14. What should women wear for a job interview?
  15. Who are the creators of the Forever Fashion website?

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