if you could paint a picture of me

Paint a picture of me is a quiz about me Star I chose that and the people that know probably take this quiz know why I chose this one for the name instead of my name here itself.

I was bored and I wanted to see how well people actually knew me people claim to know me all the time but how well do they actually know me? So I wanted to take the time and see.

Created by: star of myspace
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  1. When did I start Skateboarding?
  2. Did I ever work in a brothel?
  3. What was my first cat's name?
  4. Did I graduate high school?
  5. what is my job?
  6. what is the one thing people ask me to do all the time to there skateboard?
  7. What is my true name?
  8. What age did I first run away?
  9. Where do I currently live?
  10. What is the story called I have created based on a place that a group started on myspace?
  11. If I could meet any person dead or alive who would it be?
  12. Have I been kicked out of
  13. if I could watch a tv show what would it be?
  14. What is one of my nick names?
  15. what is one of my favorite smells
  16. Have I ever lived in Ireland
  17. What is one of my favorite bands
  18. who is my favorite singer
  19. who is my favorite writer
  20. what is my favorite color
  21. was I a dancer
  22. what is my natural hair color?
  23. what color are my eyes
  24. who started the name current for me?
  25. In your mind if you could paint a picture of me what would it look like?
  26. did you like this quiz?

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