I'm Leaving GTQ.

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Thread Topic: I'm Leaving GTQ.

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    I like music Hot Shot
    But oh,
    Thank you, to everyone on here, for being by my side when I needed you, whether big or small.
    Thank you, to everyone, for supporting me with my writing, whether it be chapters for novels, stories or poetry. Your pleasant commenting and taking your time to be polite and read all of my s--- was support I'd never f---ing forget as long as I lived.
    Thank you, for forgiving me when I did any wrong, or kept your anger to yourself.
    Thank you, for forgiving me for my faults and accepting me for who I was, I felt like I could truly be my self on here.
    Thank you, for talking me out of suicide, for trying to stop me hurting myself, hating my self, and kicking me out of depression. Thank you so much on that part, I appreciate it with such depth and thoughtfulness that all of you deserve a medel and a life long servitude from me.
    Thank you, for every damn compliment you gave me, on whatever it was. Whether big or small, thank you so much.
    Thank you, for taking my bloody quizzes, and supporting me in them. They got to the top page because of you.
    Thank you, for being a friend, even if you didn't know me well. Sometimes you mean more to someone than you reall think.
    Thank you, for everything else I didn't mention, thank you for everything you did, all the time you spent on me. I love you all.

    I'm getting on with my writing, I'm trying to finish my books,
    The Roeth Trilogy. Book 1: The Haunting, Book 2: The Soul Digger, Book 3: The Ruby Necklace.
    The Wishing Pearl of Haythem + The Necklaces of Abu Musa.
    The Bones.
    The orphans on Misery Hill.
    Songs of The Washing Pond.
    Isis Moral.

    If you ever see someone famous called Roetha Al-Marri... or pick up a book with those names, then know that that ish me. >:D
    Maybe I'll be something in the next few years, get one of my biggest dreams coming true, to have a book published while I'm still a teen.

    If you want to ever see me again, ask Tingy (Carri04 for the newbs) for my E-Mail.

    And basically, that's all I have to say. You're never going to see me again, I'm not one of those who say they're gunna leave GTQ and then come back 2 days later. I wrote all this with such emotion in me, and it's a lot, I know lol. But it's all true. I'm gunna miss you all, this hurts, but I have to do it. I'm just wondering when it'll be your turn.

    And now... Goodbye all, for those who even noticed when I was offline for 5 days in a row. :/

    And I want my last sentence on here to be...
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    I like music Hot Shot
    ...To Jade: Happy GTQ Birthday. Which is in 7 days.

    I love you.
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    Wooden Bridge Novice
    A[no urls] leaving...
    though the speech u wrote sure had some good points...it is a waste of time and I'm so sorry ur leaving :(
    Anywyz..*HUGE HUG*
    Wish U all the BEST!!!
    Keep on rocking!!! :)
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    AngelofDeath Advanced
    Goodbye, dear friend. :'( Please, Roe, just know that if I ever see a book with the name Roetha Al-Marri, I'm going to pick it up and read it right to the end, scanning every word with care. Good luck in the future.
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    Carri04 Senior
    wait a minute i'm STILL here!! I'm here everyday!!!

    I'm going to SERIOUSLY miss you Roe, even though I have your email and everything we hardly see each other, I wish you good fortune and the best, *hugs* rock on Roe *sniffles*
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    Kish Experienced
    Well, Roe, i havent spoke to u much, but when i did talk to u, i found u to be a truly AWESOME person... Well, i wish u the best in life, and i truly hope u get all the happiness u want, sorry im the worst when it comes to "goodbyes" so forgive me if my words dont make sense..,. GOODBYE ROE....
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    6 6 sick Experienced
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    6 6 sick Experienced
    s--- just one last reply.

    I feel like an idiot saying this cause you'll most likely not see this.But I'll never forget you,and I love you,so f---ing much.
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    eilloh Experienced
    I honor you as a Gtq elder.
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    tomboykaitie Senior
    D: Noes, Roady. You're f---in epic Dx I'll miss you... I hope you become famous and get your books published like you've talked about, I hope you get into that good school... Just, I hope life treats you well. *huggles* *sigh* I guess this is goodbye, Roady.
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    Appayipyip42 Junior
    If I see a book like that I'm reading it, enough said. :D
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    Alana Experienced
    Goodbye, Roe... We will all miss you. Though we've both had our fights in the past, back when I was a b----y newb, I never could stop looking up to you. Through your wisdom not only with words, but with life, you really know how to make GTQ complete. A huge gaping hole will be left behind from where you once stood. I understand why you're doing this, though. All the best, and I'll see you on the other side. Well, I guess this is goodbye... I'll miss you, dude. Probably more than you'll ever know. *hugs*
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    OZZYIOMMI Experienced
    *Wipes a tear*

    Bye Roe. I'm sorry I fought with you that time for no reason. I'm sorry I bugged you. But, truely.. I'll miss ya.
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    Hephaestuschild Advanced
    What the hell..I stopped readin after 'Ting and Ana are even gone' wtf thier still here.
    I really did'nt know you Roe, and sometimes you seemed like a smartass to me.
    But I'll miss you..I guess..
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    6 6 sick Experienced
    f---,I miss her already...DX

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