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  • *AHEM!*
    "Ted: f--- YEAH! GOLD! THIS IS EASIER THAN I THOUGHT IT'D BE!~ Andrei: When is he going to realize that that is not real gold? "
  • "Float On - Modest Mouse"
  • *AHEM!*
    "John: He's not usually like this, but we--- Pogo: We gave him happy pills an' now he's high as a motherf---er. ^-^ John:...Yea"
  • *AHEM!*
    "'Jack Sparrow': What, ya mean that guy's with you? Ted: *jumps onto the boat* GIVE ME YOUR GOLD!!!"
  • *AHEM!*
    "Ted: YESSS!!~ *sees a boat* FOLLOW ME, CAPTAIN SPARROW!! *runs over to the boat* PREPARE TO GET RAIDED, a--holeS! YAAAAAH! 'Jack Spar"
  • "Amy. I know it sounds strange, coming from me, but she's always been my favorite girl. And my favorite guys are a tie between Shadow and Sil..."
  • No Subject
    "XD THERE IS ONLY ONE ANGELOFDEATH AND THAT IS ME Aww, cutieees!!~ x3 Andrei: Well, uhhh...Would you mind if I "
  • *AHEM!*
    "Girl 1: Ohhh, my goood...*facepalms* Ted: *sees a guy walking past who looks quite a bit like Jack Sparrow* *quickly stands up* Jack "
    "Okay, NOOOOW I see it!"
  • *AHEM!*
    "Jeff: Ohhh, lord... Girl 1: W--wha--?? Ted: *making wavy movements with his hand* Ya get the ride ya life...THE RIIIIDE OF YA "
    "They have? 'Cause everythin' jus' looks bigger than it was before, to me."
    "Huh?? W--wait, what about it? *tilts head to the side*"
  • *AHEM!*
    "Girl 1: Uhmm...*weirded out, reaches for her drink and slowly starts drinking it* Ted:...Have you ever been with a guyyyy...with a BI"
    "Well, it looks AMAZING! I mean, holy s---!!"
  • *AHEM!*
    "Ted: *smirks and goes over, sitting by them* Hey. Andrei: Pffft!!! *covers his mouth to stifle a fit of giggles* Oh, God, what's he "

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