What Gummi Bear represents you?

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This quiz is to see what yummy Gummi Bear represents you! there are only four colors for this test..i stuck with the original ones..so i hope you enjoy!

What is your favorite Gummi Bear? Red? Orange? Green? or Yellow? tell me what you got in the comments! i reply so if you have asked a question...it will be answered!

Created by: pkiera75 of The History on Gummi Bears!!
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  1. Which is your favorite Gummmi Bear?
  2. How passionate are you?
  3. Are you bright? as in ALWAYZ HAPPY?
  4. Do you love nature?
  5. Do you love money? are you really rich?
  6. Do you mind the sight of blood?
  7. Are you alwayz joyed and like love life?
  8. Do you desire anything?
  9. Do you have self respect?
  10. What is your favorite color? from the following?
  11. Did you like this quiz..?
  12. Comment and Rate?

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