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Some people have read the spirit bear book, and some have not. If you have read it for a school assignment and need a little touch up on the book, take this quiz!

Do you have the knowledge of Touching Spirit Bear? Do you know everything about that book? Are you sure about what you know? Then be ready to take this quiz!

Created by: Cole Mathews
  1. Why did Garvey make me taste the cake ingredients, then make me taste the whole cake?
  2. Why was it a big deal when My mom hugged me, and I hugged back?
  3. What was the name of the program that brought me to the island?
  4. How did the ancestor rock help me?
  5. Why did I leave the island the first time?
  6. Who helped me with my anger?
  7. Who did I bring to the island?
  8. How did the soaking pond help me?
  9. Why was it important to practice becoming invisible?
  10. What did Peter carve in my totem?

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