How much do you know about the movie Spirit?

Think you know a lot about Spirit? Well take this Quiz and find out if you do. A challenging quiz about details in the life of Spirit. I do adore the movie.

So,are you a spirit freak or do not know a lot of Spirit? I'm a Spirit freal so lets see the nation of Spirit Freaks!!!!! Spirit is a heart wrming movie about a horse.

Created by: spritrain180
  1. And Start! In the movie which Tribe is Little Creek from?
  2. When Spirit was 'broken'And the general was rideing him. What railroad would never breach Nebraska?
  3. What is Spirit's mom called?
  4. Whats Spirit's Father called.
  5. In the opening scene,How many horses do you first see when Spirit is born
  6. What happened right before Rain fell into the river?
  7. H0w many riders did Spirit therew off before he was tied to the post?
  8. What is the Lakota call? What is their answer?
  9. When the sergeant played the Bugle and Little Creek just got the Knife,What did the Sergeant yell?
  10. Where does Spirit live?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the movie Spirit?