What horse movie chacter are you?

What Horse movie charter are you? Spirit?Rain?Black Stallion?Red Fury?Black Beutiy? With this fun little quiz you find out for yourself. I like this quiz,one of the best ones i made if i do say so myself!

Act as a horse in this quiz. You are aproched and caotured by a human.For your score to be correct think If you were a horse what would you do?So use your horse sense

Created by: spritrain180
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  1. Your in the wild,a Human comes toward you, You........
  2. The Human makes a quick movement You
  3. He outs a thing around your head your reaction..
  4. The thing suddenly tighens. you......... (ok say they caught up to you)
  5. You arrive at their ranch. They put you in a stall. You...
  6. The next day they put a saddle,and bridle on you They get on your back You
  7. The rider has fallen off you......
  8. Your now returning to the wild but yoou will have to cross a street what so you do???
  9. You mak eit acorss the road and are now in the city. You..
  10. you made it to the Wild The frist thing you do,,,,,,,,,,,

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Quiz topic: What horse movie chacter am I?