Are You A True Horse Lover?

Though many people pride themselves upon being horse lovers, many of them would not be willing to stay out all night with a sick horse or not attend a party to tend to a horse.

Do YOU call yourself a horse lover? Take this test to see if you are worthy of the title and whether your horse loves you, or is secretly plotting your doom.

Created by: 05dangerh
  1. Your horse needs a new outdoor rug for the approaching winter, but the store doesn't have the right colour rug. There is one, however, that would otherwise do. Would you:
  2. Your horse falls slightly lame the week before a huge show which you have been looking forward to for ages. Would you:
  3. You take your horse to a show but he panics at the third fence and you get eliminated. Would you:
  4. You are going to a really great party, but you have to tend to your horse before you an go. You are running out of time to change though. Would you:
  5. Your new pony is taking a while to adjust to you and his new home. He is difficult in the stable and refuses to be caught. Would you:
  6. Which pony would you pick out of the following?
  7. Which pony would you pick out of the following?
  8. It is suggested that you give up horse riding in exchange for ballet. Would you:
  9. Your horse falls sick. Would you:
  10. Would you swap your pony for a moped?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Horse Lover?