Are You A True Horse Lover or Just a Wannabe?

Some people think they love horses, but don't. They are just wannabes. Some people love them and think about them quite a lot, but are reluctant to put real effort into achieving their dream. A True Horse Lover, however, is completely taken with them. True Horse Lovers think about them all the time and would much rather muck out a horse's stable than tidy their bedroom.

Are you for real, or do you just care about winning rosettes and competing? Are you willing to spend time helping a injured horse (injured physically OR emotionally) or building a relationship with one? Find out with this quiz - and don't worry, whether you're a real one or not, nothing should stop you helping the horse world.

Created by: Elizabeth
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  1. First of all, do you ride?
  2. Choose an equine job that appeals to you most.
  3. Do you own your own horse? (Just to say, if you don't own your own horse but really badly want your own, this is as good an answer as if you said you had a horse and loved him/her)
  4. How much do you think about horses?
  5. You may think about horses a lot, but are you prepared to work hard to reach your horse-related career?
  6. Do you subscribe/buy a horse magazine (s)? (Again, if you don't subscribe but really want to it is as good a score as if you do subscribe/buy horse magazines)
  7. Can you ride, tack up, groom, muck-out, lead a horse, feed a horse correctly (and all the other stable management things)?
  8. Do you know about quite a lot of equine illnesses?
  9. Which of these is not a breed. (I might do a few spelling mistakes, to try and trick you =D).
  10. When you have reached one goal, do you feel pleased but then immediately strive for the next?
  11. What is your age?
  12. What is your gender?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Horse Lover or Just a Wannabe?