Would you're horse survive?

There are many horse lovers, but less actual Equestrians. What is an equestrian? An Equestrian is a horse owner and breeder, who knows lots about horses and their breeding. Equestrians know what is a good horse!

Are YOU an equestrian? Do you have the skill to care for a horse, and allow it to survive?, Or are you simply an Equestrian wannabe - a failure? No need to wonder no longer, or risk a horses life... Try out my quiz an find out!

Created by: abc123cde

  1. What mustn't you're horse do if s/he has colic?
  2. Where does a mud fever occur on a horse?
  3. What age can a foal be separated from his/her mum?
  4. True or False: A mare must rest between their foal being born and being covered again.
  5. What MUST you do with a horse EVERYDAY?
  6. Does a horse get dirty if s/he isn't groomed?
  7. You must never pull on a horse's bridle! True or False?
  8. What does a horse who grazes need in winter?
  9. Who has the responsibility of mucking a horse out, when he is on the owners land?
  10. Which type of competition is not potentially life threatening to you're horse?

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