Horse Crazy: how much do you love horses?

horse crazy is mostly common in young girls but my be seen in older people as well. If you are horse crazy then you probably have horse fever. horse crazy people usually ride or own horses though a person can have full blown horse fever by only reading horse book or watching horsey movies.

are you truly horse crazy? do you have horse fever? take this quiz and find out if you have this usually incurably sickness or just a small passing virus!

Created by: moriah

  1. Do you love horses (and ponies)?
  2. Do you ride?
  3. do you have a horse?
  4. do you have any model horses?
  5. Do you get any horse magazines?
  6. do you ever pretend you a horse?
  7. do you ever pretend your bike is a horse?
  8. would you rather clean a stall than clean your bed room?
  9. do you like how horses smell?
  10. do you have any horse posters or pictures in your room?
  11. do you like reading horse books?
  12. do you like drawing horses?
  13. do you think you're horse crazy?

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Quiz topic: Horse Crazy: how much do I love horses?