The extreme horse quiz

The wonderful world of horses is an amazing thing. The quiz will test your level of horse craziness! You will see how much you know or how much you don't! It isn't that hard so come on and try it.

You will see if you really are true horselover. I know I am. Are you? You may love horses, but are you absoulutely out of your mind crazy for them? Well, what are you doing waiting here? Come on, take the quiz and lets see!

Created by: Stevie
  1. What is a farrier?
  2. What were the first horses in Canada?
  3. Does it matter how big or small the saddle is if the girth fits?
  4. What do horses not like to eat?
  5. What does a pinto look like?
  6. What does "broke" mean in horse language?
  7. Do people eat horse?
  8. What is part of the horse family?
  9. How much can a rodeo cowboy win in his whole life?
  10. Can horses fall in love?

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