If only you were a horse....but what breed?!

Every horse lover has dreamed of being a horse. They're strong, beautiful, noble, and fast. Man developed from the back of a horse. We survive because of them. What is there not to love about horses??

So are you a noble Thoroughbred, an adorable pony, or a hard working draft horse? Are you a prancing pony or an equine athlete? Are you a lesson pony or top show horse? To find out take this quiz!!!

Created by: heiro
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How athletic are you?
  2. What do you look like?
  3. How about your friends?
  4. Which of these best describes you?
  5. Where would you most likely be on a Friday night?
  6. Let's talk about food...
  7. How tall are you?
  8. Do people trust you?
  9. What would you be doing at a rock concert?
  10. Can you do a cartwheel?
  11. How often are you sick?
  12. Where would you go on vacation?
  13. How smart are you?
  14. How would you react if someone came up to you and started yanking your hair, calling you names, being an overall jerk?
  15. Do you like kids?

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