What breed of horse are you?

Well, well, welcome to the 'What breed of horse are you?" quiz. Ever wondered what your life would have been like if you were born a horse? Who knows, maybe in some distant past life you were one... Judge your personality, and you'll see the equine you emerge.

There are 6 different horses you can be, Lipizzaner, Mustang, Arabian, Quarter Horse, Andalusian, or Thoroughbred.I sincerely hope you enjoy the quiz, thanx.

Created by: Ashley
  1. What are you most likely to be drinking at your best friend's birthday party?
  2. You're a horse, and your rider rudely stabs your sides with her spurs. You:
  3. You are going to a dance, and your grand entrance is...
  4. And at this dance (as a girl), you're wearing...
  5. Music?
  6. Vacation?
  7. You're downtown, and a scary-looking man jabs a mug in your face, obviously begging for money. You:
  8. Your favourite method of communication...
  9. Footwear?
  10. Pick a food, any food.
  11. You're a horse (again), and the stable owner shoves a bowl of Fat 'n fiber horsefeed into your stall. You:
  12. Your ideal house:
  13. Your favourite Lord of the Rings character(s):
  14. You move...

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Quiz topic: What breed of horse am I?