What Is YOUR Horse Breed?

there are different types of horses. Big, small. They all have different dispositions. How are you sapposed to know which one you are? It's hard to tell with such a large number of them. Want to find out?

Which horse breed are you? Find out here-the most accurate horse quiz on the internet! Try it now! Your result is waiting and, remember, theres no right or wrong result!

Created by: Sarah
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  1. Do you pay attention to fashion?
  2. Whats your favorit thing to eat?
  3. You are a horse. You see a rider that obviousely has quite a bit of skill, you-
  4. You are a horse. Your owner takes you to your field, it is cluttered with posion weeks and other yuck. U-
  5. you are a horse. You see a mare in the field next to the barn laying on the grass sick. you-
  6. You are a horse. You are thirsty but, the water bucket is empty. U-
  7. You are a horse-do you like other horses?
  8. You are a horse. Do you prefer grain:(Filled with stuff to make you faster.)-or- hay: (hard and chewy)
  9. You are a horse. Do you have a problem with drinking out of streams or water buckets that are used by other horses?
  10. Your a horse. Drinking out of puddles

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Quiz topic: What Is my Horse Breed?