What Equine Breed Are You?

Hey you! Do you like horses? Are you a horse person? What horse is just like you? Are you laid back person? A gentle giant? There have been many quizzes like this, but here would be a nice fun one to try out.

Find out what breed you are! Show it to all your friends too! So click the mouse and soon within a few minutes, you'll understand what horse breed you really are!

Created by: Ana
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  1. You rider gives you a big kick in the ribs when you refuse a jump.
  2. Its spring. Great time for a trail ride! When your rider takes you to the trail you:
  3. Your owner suddenly brings in a new horse to the stables! You:
  4. Its time for a hoof check-up. Then the vet comes over to look at you and after that water therapy and a nice massage to end the day.
  5. Your rider has to leave for a visit to grandmothers. What do you do while someone is looking after you?
  6. You have been training for months for the annual dressage show. And because the rain comes in it is delayed.
  7. You can see yourself in a prize ceremony after winning the grand prix. What would you look like?
  8. You get to go to a rodeo and look at some calf roping. What can you do there?
  9. Wow! What a show! Wild horses getting pushed into a corral by first class cow horses.
  10. A farm dog comes over barking to greet you. You:

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Quiz topic: What Equine Breed am I?