What type of horse are you?

some people like horses and some love them to pecies. some would breack there wallet to have a horse and some just don't care. are you a horse maniac or do you just like the city life. well take this quiz and find out who you are!

if your contry enoghf take this quiz to see if you rely love horses or is it the cute little cartoons online. if your a horse lover or if you need to know how well you know horses take this quiz today!

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  1. let's say you're a rider in barrel racing competions but you can only chosse to be these horses bellow. which horse would you want?
  2. ok so your left in a dessert when your car breacked down you only can bring 1 of these items to survive on which would you take?
  3. if you could have any powers what would it be?
  4. a witch is turning you into a mixed creachter. what creachter would you like to become?
  5. there are three stallions infront of you and you're a mare [if your a boy your a stallion and three mares are infront of you]which stallion/mare would you pick to be with you? [like you'r getting married]
  6. you are owning a barn but you need a compianion. which one would it be as your barn buddie?
  7. ok your a horse again and the owner is leting you have a choice to sleep any where you like. which home would be your horse home?
  8. what horse color would you like to be if you were a horse?
  9. you're going to a party but when your mom drops you off you have to make a stuning impersion.what will it be?
  10. how long of a mane would you want if you were a horse?

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Quiz topic: What type of horse am I?