Great with horses or not

Do you want to no if you no how to treat a horse care for a horse and ride a horse well this is the best quiz you might be a horses BEST FRIEND or a horses WORST NIGHT MARE well find out if you are ready for a horse or pony thank you soo much

OK now we will sea how much of a horse person you are you might be really good or really bad if you do not anser them trothfully you will not no so please do or other whys that means you are to scerd for the troth ok so now you no what to do so i hope you have fun

Created by: amazon
  1. Do you have a horse or pony
  2. do you take riding lessons or ride alote
  3. do you no how to saddle up a horse and brush it for a ride
  4. have you ever been to a horse show
  5. have you ever had a job with handling them like mucking out stalls and all that
  6. would you give up your life for a horse you loved
  7. if a horse ever brook your back would you forgive it
  8. would you ever have a horse put down if it hert its self really badly
  9. would you put an old horse down just becouse it could not be ridin eny more
  10. if you had a horse how long a day would you spend with it

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