How much do u really kno about horses?

How much do you really know about horses? Well,this quiz will help you find out! Of course,thats what I made it for. Please don't mind if you don't get a great score,not everybodys an expert!

This quiz goes over lots of different types of horse things, like a question about horse breeds,horse colors,horse behavior,riding,horse care etc. Anyway I hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: April321

  1. A female horse crossed ( bred ) with a male donkey is a mule,what is a male horse crossed with a female donkey called?
  2. A baby horses dad is called the...?
  3. What is the difference between a paint horse and a pinto horse?
  4. How many gaits does a horse have?
  5. The Arabian horse is known for ...?
  6. Can a horse be compared to a dog or cat? ( in temperament and actions )
  7. What is the average of how long a horses hoof grows each month?
  8. What is floating?( in horse terms of course )
  9. Which horse coat color does NOT have a dorsal stripe along its back?
  10. What is a horse saying when he pins his ears,tightens his muzzle and reaches his head towards you?
  11. Last question, are zebras apart of the horse 'family'?

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