How much about horses and Howrse do you know?

If you love horses, you may be an expert. It may only be a matter of minutes before you find out! I have a magical and mysterious way for you to find the results you desire...

You, yes EVEN you, could be an expert. It will only take a few clicks, a bit of thinking, yes, sorry, thinking and a bit of knowledge to get the results you would like. Dazzle your friends and family with these results.

Created by: Dododotty
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  1. First, we'll have a question about Is there such thing as a Unicorn there?
  2. Hmm... how about some horsy knowledge now? Which of these isn't a horse colour?
  3. Well, those were easy, I'll bet. Remember, it doesn't matter if you score badly! Next anyway. If you could pick your favourite horse coat colour, which would you pick?
  4. Okay, you've picked that. True or false? A farrier is a person who shoes horses.
  5. Cool. Which of these foods aren't good for horses?
  6. Are horses strong enough to pull carts with people in?
  7. On, is there a blue background or any of these others?
  8. It is not always good to ride the same pony. But is it good to change like so suddenly, halfway through your lesson?
  9. Does anybody eat horses?
  10. Do you ride?

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Quiz topic: How much about horses and Howrse do I know?