How Much Do You Know About Howrse?

Quiz Image is an awesome website. I get on it every day. You can breed and take care of your own horses, get a job, and create your own equestrain center!

This quiz is to see how much you know about howrse. If you get a good score, then congratulations! Just don't cheat, cause that would be, well cheating. :D

Created by: hoggywog

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  1. How many horses do you have once you are done with the first quizzes?
  2. How many weeks do the seasons on howrse last?
  3. What is the minimum price of a horse when you are trying to sell?
  4. how many karma points and horses do you have to have to use the direct sales?
  5. What does SH stand for?
  6. How many days to have to have before you can become a horse instructor?
  7. When is cross country for the grand prix scheduled?
  8. When you win the Grand Prix, what do you get?
  9. how old does your horse have to be to have a companion?
  10. Did you cheat? (effect)

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Howrse?