How Much Do You Actually Know About Horses??

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Many people now ride horses or take care of them. But surprisingly, 30% of these people don't really know what they are doing. Take this test to see if you are a gift to horses or a liability.

Sadly, lots of people are just liabilities, safety hazards, and accidents waiting to happen. Does that describe you maybe? Well, we won't know for sure until you complete the quiz.

Created by: DoraB

  1. Alrighty. First of all, in what order do you use grooming supplies when grooming a horse?
  2. Next question. What part of the hoof do you need to avoid poking when picking out a horse's hooves? Why?
  3. Why should you be careful when combing a horse's tail?
  4. What English bit is the LEAST harsh out of the following?
  5. What Western bit is the MOST harsh out of the following?
  6. What saddle has "swells?"
  7. What saddle has a "skirt?"
  8. How do you properly ask a horse to trot?
  9. How do you properly cue your horse to canter?
  10. When jumping, what position are you in?
  11. Is a jumping crop longer than or shorter than 29 inches?
  12. What is a jump with water sometimes called?
  13. Do horses have to be shoed?
  14. There will be a part 2 quiz coming soon. Click the first answer A to get this question right.

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Actually Know About Horses??