How well do you know horse?

This ouiz is all about horses and determines if you do research or not.Horses are my life I probably cant live without them I hope you are the same way

Hope you loveeeeeeeeeeee horse and try to get great scores hope you do fantastico.I love horses cant stop thinking of them I really wish more people are the same way.

Created by: Daytona

  1. What discipline do you ride?
  2. What is a horse's Dock
  3. What is a frog
  4. What are Quarter horses mostly used for
  5. How to cue a horse lope/canter
  6. How much time does a horse need to cool down
  7. Have you galloped be honest pls
  8. what are the symtoms of colic
  9. How much experience have you had with horses
  10. Do you know how to bridle

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Quiz topic: How well do I know horse?