Do you know horses?

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Do you have the mind of a horse? Do you know just about everything there is to know about horses? Is your mind more powerful than a horse itself? Find out in this quiz!

Sorry, ran out of things to say, just uhh... read the top part of it again. yeah just go up + ++ up ....Anyway, thanks for looking at this quiz! i hope you get a good score! only fate will tell! =)

Created by: Autumn

  1. What is a female adult horse called?
  2. Is there such thing as a "cow horse"?
  3. How often should you bathe a horse?
  4. Do horses need shoes?
  5. What is a male foal called?
  6. Is there such thing as a "piaffe" ?
  7. Where is a horse's "poll" located?
  8. How many foals does a horse usually have?
  9. Do horses eat sugar cubes?
  10. what does it mean if a horse is broke?
  11. what does it mean if a horse is lame?
  12. what does a farrier do?
  13. A horse should have _____ acre(s) minimum for grazing. (fill in the blank)

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Quiz topic: Do I know horses?