How much do you know about horses?

Do you think you know a lot about horses? Well then why don't you take this quiz to actually find out... This quiz was made to be on the easier side.

This quiz contains questions on horse showing, horse health, horse anatomy, and care of the horse. Enjoy taking this amazing quiz!

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  1. How many bones does an average horse have?
  2. (Fill in the blank) The class _____ is an ____ class where you preform a exact pattern for the _____
  3. (True or false) The best way to determine the age of a horse is by examaning it's teeth.
  4. (True or false) a horse cannot throw up
  5. What is the average life span of a horse?
  6. What type of vegetation is not possibly harmful to horses?
  7. At an English horse show, what materials below are most important to make your horse look good right before the class?
  8. If your horse loses a shoe before you ride him, what should you do?
  9. (Fill in the blank) to measure a horse you will measure from its ____ to the ____ in ____
  10. Thanks for taking the quiz!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about horses?