How Much Do You Know About Horses?

There are tons of people who think they know a lot about horses and riding. Horses have enchanted the world for thousands of years, and humans have labored for years to learn to ride and care for them. They are beautiful creatures that deserve to be loved, at least once in their lifetime, by a little girl. :)

Do you know a lot about horses? Do you think you have the horse knowledge to qualify for the title of "horseperson"? Thanks to this quiz, you can find out in just a matter of minutes.

Created by: AbsouteEscapade

  1. What is the correct term for the saddle, bridle, girth, saddle pad, and/or martingale?
  2. In which discipline does the rider complete a course of jumps and is competing for the shortest time and least amount of penalties?
  3. Which breed is considered "the horse that can do anything and everything"?
  4. When rising to the trot, you rise when the ____________ leg goes forward.
  5. A Pelham is a __________ bit.
  6. A hand is _____ inches.
  7. In dressage, where is X located?
  8. When riding over cavvoletti or ground poles, the rider is...
  9. When sharing the arena, riders pass...
  10. You should clean your tack...
  11. Hunter riders are not allowed to have this in a flat class.
  12. This jump has two rails. The back rail is slightly higher. It is called...
  13. In which discipline does the judge pin the class on just the rider?
  14. What should be the bedding in a stall be?
  15. This color is defined by having a medium brown coat with black skin, black mane and tail, and black points. This color is...

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Horses?