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  • Really! I totally agree with the other comments! My father is a vet and i know for a fact that if a horse broke his leg, it would be animal creulty if you gave it pain meds every day just to make YOU feel better. Especially since my dad works on racehorses, i know what the possiblities are if you dont put it down.

    Radar 1
  • Some of these questions were a bit insane and I agree with ponyluvr345 if a horse broke a leg it would be inhumane to not put the horse in question to sleep. The horse would live the rest of his/her life in pain and it would be selfish if you denied the horse's right to run.

  • This quiz was awful "great horse person or worst nightmare" so if I didn't put down my horse because I was too selfish to let go and let its pain stop I'd be "cruel" and a bad horse person thats stupid...shes obviously not a horse person either then shes too selfish to care for a horse

  • If a horse breaks it's leg or something, as in the case of Eight Bells, you have to put it down or else it's torturing it. If a horse gets barbed wire on it's leg, per say, and the vet says its gonna be fine, then you don't have to put it down.

    satan and emos
  • I Know ALOT about Horses (Im NOT Boasting, its just what i've been told). NUMBER 10 Is Horrible! ): I'd Put The Poor Thing Down, it'll Be cruel if you didn't...But why would horse lovers want to answer that question anyway??

  • They're right. The horse would want to run, and it might hurt itself even more. It would be the right thing to do, despite how difficult it would be.

  • number 10 is HORRIBLE!!!! if the horse was in pain and will never walk again, you have to put it down. if you dont the would be horse TORTURE!!!! horse are born to run to move. its sad when u have to put down your horse, but at least it wall b in a better place. Im not trying to b mean or rude.

  • Are you Samantha Smith?

  • i have to say that as much as i love my horse, if she was in extreme pain i would have her put down. it's the right thing to do, even if it's sad and terrible.

  • If u dont put idt down, no exercise, no joy, and pretty soon no horse


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