Ho much do you know about horses?

"There are many people who know alot about horses, here is a quiz to test your knowledge of some very basic horse questions. See if you have the knowledge to pass this simple basic horse test.

"Are YOU an expert on horses? Do you have the knowledge to qualify as an expert? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Jazzy

  1. Is the horse the same thing as a pony?
  2. Does a pony grow up to be a horse?
  3. What is a baby horse called?
  4. What is a male baby horse called?
  5. What is a female baby horse called?
  6. What doe horses eat?
  7. What is tack?
  8. What is colic?
  9. Where is the mane?
  10. What doe grooming mean?
  11. Horses are measured in hands. How many inches in a hand
  12. What is a gelding?
  13. What is a girl horse called?
  14. What is a stallion?
  15. What does english or western mean?
  16. What does a pinto look lie?
  17. What is a horses foot called?
  18. How do horses sleep?
  19. What does a blacksmith do?
  20. What is the normal pulse 9heart rate)for an adult horse?
  21. What type of bedding is used for a horse?
  22. Where is the frog located on a horse?
  23. How can you tell the age of a horse?
  24. What does floating involve?
  25. What is a little white spot on the forehead of a horse called?
  26. Where would a horse have a tattoo?
  27. What does it mean if a horse is broke?

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Quiz topic: Ho much do I know about horses?