do u know horses

Many people think they may know something about horses, so I decided to make a easy quiz that if you know anything about horses you should know. If you know nothing about horses this is a good time to learn because maybe some day youll be on a game show and your on the last question and it one of these and youll be so happy that you took this quiz.

If you think you know anything about horses take the quiz. Who knows you might just be a horse genius after all and most important if you know nothing at all about horses you may just learn something after all and you be so proud of yourself.

Created by: taylor

  1. How many kind are there?
  2. is a thourabred used for racing?
  3. do you have to trim their feet?
  4. is there such a thing as a horse getting a cold?
  5. if a horse breaks a leg can its leg usally healed?
  6. a filly is a baby boy horse?
  7. is a foal a baby horse?
  8. what is a female horse called?
  9. what is a common name for a horse?
  10. what is a horse called if they are not broke to ride?

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