Horses great horses

The reason I made this is to test peoples horse knowledge. Other than that this is pointless. So if you got a bad score don't worry you can take the quiz again.

Try and see if you can get 100%. If you do you are a genius. If you don't don't worry you can take the quiz again. Try looking up some answers or just say "Who cares about this quiz!"

Created by: amt5

  1. What does a blanket do for a horse?
  2. What is the Latin word for horse?
  3. A wild bay s a variation of bay. What is significant about it?
  4. A horse cannot be brindle
  5. What color of horse has a cream-colored coat with pink skin and blue eyes?
  6. What is this color: a mouse-gray or smokey color that usually has a dorsal stripe. It can also have other primitive markings, including shoulder stripes and zebra stripes.
  7. Which of these is a three-beated gait?
  8. Which of these gaits can be described as being a "broken trot"?
  9. What breed of horse is born brown, turns lighter with age, and lives wild in the marshes of France?
  10. What is the style of English riding called where the saddle is flat and two sets of reins are used?

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