Have you got Horse Fever?

If you love horses: take the quiz. If you don't love horses: take the quiz. Wether you adore horses or don't even know what the word means, take this quiz to find out if you need a spoon of medicine for horse fever!

The symptons of horse fever are: cravings for information, pictures, stories, opportunities to be around horses and maybe even a horse! Also you will want to be able to ride and spew information about horses to anyone who will listen!

Created by: bambi454
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  1. Do you have riding lessons?
  2. If you answered yes to the last question, how often do you have riding lessons?
  3. How many model horses do you own?
  4. True or False: I'd rather muck out a stall rather than clean my room
  5. True or False: I have accidently referred to my locker as a stall.
  6. True or False: I doodle horses in class and in spare time.
  7. True or False: I have, or have had, an imaginary horse
  8. True or False: I have gone window shopping for horses on the internet.
  9. How many horse books do you own?
  10. What does a bay look like?/What is it?

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